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During wars, victims are always involved. The East of Congo has been seriously struck by civil wars. The victims? Mainly women (mostly themselves yet still children) who were raped and together with their babies outcasted. At this time, many of them live under extreme circumstances; the rights of these mothers and their children (many of them are girls or disabled children) are not being respected in any way. The children have no right to education or healthcare and are often being used for war purposes.

Congo was recently named ‘the worst place on earth’ for women due to the continuous rapes they have to endure. The number is extremely high because of all the ongoing conflicts and wars.

Recent numbers of the UNHCR show hundreds of sexual incidents monthly.

We mustn’t look away and leave these women and their children all by themselves!

Some shocking facts:

according to numbers of the UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund):

  • For the past 15 years 65% of the victims were children
  • The majority of this percentage were young girls and a rough estimation shows that 10% of the children were under the age of 10 years
  • Many child soldiers are sexually abused after being recruited
  • Over 12% of the childern in East Congo dies before they reach the age of one year
  • Tens of thousands of children are being recruited as child soldiers
  • Rape and sexual abuse based on gender are very common

Every child that can be saved from the above nightmare is worth the living. With full commitment we wish to offer as many children as possible a future with no violence.

A hopeful future is possible with your help

We collaborate with ambitious local emergency workers and organisations in Congo to bring this violence to an end. Your support provides a future for the children.

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