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Donating tax-free

Did you know that you can donate your money to Foundation Vastare, without having to pay taxes over this donation? This is possible thanks to our so called ANBI-state, which means that Vastare is a public benefit organization. Only 10% of all charities possess this specific state.
We are proud of this beneficial state for you!

Tax-free donations are an option for both incidental gifts as for sustainable donating.
They are deductable from taxation provided that you comply to the rules.
The threshold value is 1% of your threshold income; any donation over this value is deductable up to a maximum of 10% of this threshold income.
For further information we redirect you to the website of the tax authorities; under search window enter ‘deductable donations’.

Sustainable donations are beneficial when being captured in a written agreement.
Until recent (2014), this agreement needed to be executed by a notarial deed. This is no longer necessary. A simple, written agreement with us suffices, provided the obliged conditions are met. Donations executed in this way are fully deductable, with no threshold value or maximum amount.

The obliged conditions are as follows:

– the agreement is valid for a of maximum period of 5 years
– the amounts donated periodically (with a minimum of once a year), must be compatible
– the agreement must be written down
– it is not allowed that Foundation Vastare provides a counterpart
– the agreement automatically ends when the donor deceases
– the agreement can be canceled when the donor becomes unemployed

The benefits at a glance:

– you support Vatsare for a period of 5 years, which means more financial security for us to continue our work
– a sustainable written agreement is fully tax-deductable; this means that the authorities pay a considerable amount (up to 52%) of your donation. Thanks to this, you could contribute a greater amount, without this costing you any more money
– donations less than 1% of your annual income are also deductable, just as donations over 10% of your annual income are
– Foundation Vastare offers a standard agreement, which you can request for through info@vastare.nl

A calculation example:

– you annually earn €40.000 (income tax rate 42%). You donate €100 a year. This amount is less than 1% of your income and non-deductable according to the threshold of 1%. You donate €100 and Foundation Vastare receives €100.
– we close an perennial written agreement. In this case you still donate €100, the tax authorities pay €72 of this amount while Vastare receives €172.

You can download more specific information about donations and taxes on the website of the tax authorities.

Legacy and inheritance

Do you not/no longer have an inheritor? Or do you wish to donate your inheritance (partly) to charity?
If you would choose Vastare to be the one to donate to, we will continually use your donation to develop education and improve living conditions in the poor countryside of Congo.

If you would choose the above, this needs to be secured in your will, drawn up by the notary.

Individual activities

We come up with all sorts of initiatives, but so can you ofcourse!
Are you an artist and do you wish to sell your art, are you having a loft sale, a charity action or barbecue at your sports club? Possibly you feel like washing cars, selling cupcakes or you think of something other or unique? That would obviously enlighten us, as your contribution to Vastare…

We gladly discuss together as in how your activity will be most effective and make it public.
We are just waiting to support your activities through our public relations.

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