Companies can, just as private individuals, make tax-deductible donations. This concerns corporation tax, regarding a BV or NV or a comparible partnership entity.

The donor must demonstrate her donations through the written documents. Deductable donations are those, donated during one year to a public benefit organization. The deduction holds no more threshold since 2013 but is limited to 50% of the profit (heretofore 10%).

The complete regulation contains more aspects; for this which we refer you to the tax authorities.

If you wish to support Foundation Vastare financially as a company or institution, you may contact us at Please name the following in your email:
– name and address of your company
– contactperson
– net amount you wish to donate
You will receive a didgital invoice of Vastare including the payment details.

You can also transfer money directly to IBAN NL 47 ASNB 8811 0666 11 in the name of Foundation Vastare established in Amsterdam.


We strive to spend every received euro for aid in Congo itself. This implies that we are very grateful for any kind of support in our business management. You can think of expressions containing our Vastare Logo, like banners, t shirts, pens or other giveaways. Also, we are still in need of an accountant, who is willing to support us on pro deo bono basis with our financial statements. If you are willing to offer your services and/or donate any goods suitable for this purpose, we gladly receive these!

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