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From hopeless to hopeful

Out of own experience with the inhuman-child-situations in Congo, the foundation of Vastare was established in 2016, to help changing these circumstances.

Through a broad approach (shelter, healtcare, education, employment opportunities and the raising of awareness), we support the local employees and organisations to make a difference for these vulnerable children and their mothers.

We don’t labour under the illusion that we could solve all of Congo’s problems but anyone under inhuman circumstances deserves help!

Mother Theresa’s Statement: “If you can’t help a hundred peolple, then atleast help one person” is guiding for us.


Foundation Vastare is a public benefit organization, which means that we meet the standards of the tax authorities regarding charities.

Hereby, you can donate as a private individual or as a company with tax benefits (check the conditions on the website of the tax authorities). As a foundation we are exempted from paying taxes over the received doantions.

Fiscal name:
Stichting Vastare

Contact details:
Stichting Vastare
Oude Singel 118 B
2312 RE Leiden


IBAN: NL47 ASNB 8811 0666 11

Vastare is an officially registered foundation. On October 3rd 2016, we were registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam under the number 67026885.
The RSIN/fiscal number is 856799178.



Ms. F. (Frederique) van Deursen, chairman
Mr. G.K. (Gustave) Muteba, secretary
Mr. A. (Alwin) van der Wolff, treasurer.

The board is responsible for Vastare’s policy, finances and she is unpaid for her activities.

The board attaches great value to transparency regarding the policy of her foundation, as to acquirement and the expenses of het finances. She will do everything within her possibilities to favor this.

Personal note of the chairman:

“I personally got to know Alain, the local initiator in charge of Vastare, from my time back in Congo, end 2013. Together with a medical team we travelled through the East of Africa to provide homeopathic remedies to the sick people. Alain was my faithful and dedicated translator during my consulations to victims, mainly suffering from malaria, TB or AIDS. Unpaid for his service and tireless, Alain offered his indispensable contribution to our mission. These days he offers his support to the victims of the cruelties of ongoing civil wars, through Foundation Vastare”.
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