Stop child abuse in Congo

Child and abuse, two words that do not belong together.
Unfortunately, too many children are being confronted with violence in their daily lives.
Many children, among whom many young teenage-mothers, are being used, abused and outcasted in Congo. This needs to come to an end, now!
Our story

75% of the Congolese children are victim of violence

Congo has been struck by civil wars over the past decades. This entailed many victims, especially amongst women and girls who were raped and together with their babies, rejected.

Unfortunately, this situation is still actual. Many of them live under extreme circumstances as we speak, partly because they are not acknowledged which leaves them without identity.

As a result, they have no right to shelter, healthcare or schooling. These children are even being used for war purposes. This must stop!

Your support is essential

Foundation Vastare primarily wishes to offer safety to these rejected children and their -teenage-mothers.




Empowering mothers

You can make the difference

Together, we can offer the children and their mothers the future they have a right to. Please help us.
Help as a company with goods, knowledge or money
You make our work possible and save lives
Organize an activity and help in your own way

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