The completed projects show how essential they are for the welfare of the children … They derive joy and a feeling of being meiningful from them. It gives the children back their identity which is their birthright!

It is of the greatest importance that these projects continu to develop and even extend to all those areas affected by the war. Every child has a right to a future, no matter how hopeless or desperate the situation is;this goes specifically for the children in Congo. They cannot count on help from the Congolese government, so Help must come from us, You!.

With your support we can achieve even more projects as the above in order to offer the children a hopeful future. Something granted for us in The Netherlands, whilst in Congo quite the opposite.

Let’s create another reality, so that the children are no longer a victim but can also be a child. Every contribution, however big or small, makes a significant difference. This money is of invaluable importance for a different life, hope for another future.

The Foundation acquired the tax-reductable status which makes a donation fiscaly attractive.