The Board of Foundation Vastare is formed by:. Ms. Frederique van Deursen as chairman, Ms. Ingrid Team as Secretary, Mr.. Alwin van der Wolff treasurer. The Board is ultimately responsible for the policy and finance and works free of salary.

Vastare Foundation will publish its policy and reports on her own website, which will also show on the website of the tax authorities (under ANBI).
In addition, reports can be accessed by anyone via email.

The Board of Foundation Vastare acknowledges the great importance of transparency. She will do everything within her capabilities to justify her spending of finances.

Organisation & Contact
Attn. F.F. van Deursen
Keizersgracht 171A
1016 DP Amsterdam

KvK: 67026885
RSIN: 856799178
BANK: NL47 ASNB 8811 0666 11

The board of  Foundation Vastare, formed  since mid 2016:
Miss. Frederique van Deursen, chairman
Mrs. Ingrid Ploeg, secretary
Sir Alwin van der Wolff, treasurer

The board is ultimately responsible for the the policy pursued en the finances for which she is unpaid.

Foundation  Vastare will publish her policy plan and annual reports on the internet. These will show on sites as, GeefGratis and her own website Besides this, the annual reports can be sent by email upon request.

The board of the foundation values transparency of the conducted policy of her organisation and of both the acquierment and spending of the finances. She will do everything within her potential to promote this

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