Foundation Vastare (‘Havoc’) with the subtitle Stop Child Violence in the Congo, was founded in 2004 in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. The country has been greatly ravaged by civil wars in recent decades. This brought many victims along, especially among women who were raped and expelled together with their children.

Currently many of them live in extreme conditions, partly because they are not recognized so they have identity no. as a result they are not entitled to a home, health care or education. The children are often used for war purposes. Vastare wants to do something about this!

The Foundation will primarily provide security to this emitted group of children and their mothers. Together with Initiator Alain Mubigalo, she wants to develop educational opportunities and health centers.

I personally, Vastare-president, know Alain from my African Time, end of year 2013. Together with a team I then traveled over five countries making a difference through homeopathy. Alain was my trustworthy interpreter in the numerous consultations I had with patients suffering from AIDS, TB, diabetes, … and especially with the trauma as mentioned above. Unpaid and with untiring energy Alain dedicated himself to our mission. His support he founded by The Foundation for the aggrieved group suffering from the atrocities He founded Vastare…as the consequence of war.